The Manchester-Essex Conservation Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving ecologically important land and wildlife habitat in Manchester and Essex, Massachusetts, and promoting its use for quiet recreation, education and research.


Proposed By-law changes available for review

Please click here to see the proposed By-law changes to be voted on at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 2, 2014. Please join us at 4:00 pm at the Manchester Community Center.  See our Events page for details.

Date posted: October 8, 2014

Ribbon Cutting at Wilderness Conservation Area Gateway

Cutting the Ribbon

MECT President Charlie Kellogg (center), Manchester Selectman, Tom Kehoe (l) and Community Preservation Committee Chair, Woody Kellogg inaugurate the new gateway to the Manchester-Essex Woods

On Saturday, October 4, Manchester town officials, MECT members and trustees, and woods enthusiasts of all ages gathered at the site off Upper School Street to “cut the ribbon” at the new entry to Cedar Swamp, Heron Pond and the Wilderness Conservation Area.   —   Supported by funds from the Manchester Community Preservation Act, the improved gateway includes enhanced wetland protection, more orderly parking, attractive landscaping with native plants, and a new information kiosk with a bench for weary hikers. And, as Community Preservation Committee Chairman, Woody Kelly noted, the site also offers an eye-catching welcome to travelers entering Manchester from the north.  —  Event speakers included Charlie Kellogg, MECT President, Tom Kehoe, Chair, Manchester Board of Selectmen, Kathy Leahy, MECT Executive Director, and Mr. Kelly.   —   Each praised the extensive collaborative effort and generous donations of time and expertise that signify the long-term protection of the Manchester-Essex Woods and Manchester citizens’ enthusiasm for enriching their community.   —   Some site work remains, but everyone attending agreed that the project is already a big success and a tremendous asset for the town.

Date posted: October 7, 2014

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Date posted: December 4, 2013

Our 50th Anniversary Video is Ready to View

Produced by Jeffrey McDonagh at JM Video Productions, and MECT Trustees Mike McDonagh and Mike Dyer, our 50th Anniversary video captures the beauty of the Manchester-Essex Woods, includes interviews with two of the founders of the Manchester Conservation Trust, shows enthusiastic school children exploring nature, and highlights the two-town cooperation that continues to support protection of this special natural open space.

Date posted: November 12, 2013

Welcoming New Members

MECT Annual 2012 004

Photo by Alida Bryant

Clean drinking water or parking lot pollution?  Bright fall colors or unchanging development?  Children’s nature trips or classroom routine? Invest in MECT’s future and invest in your own.  We have much to do and you can help.

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Date posted: September 4, 2013