The Manchester-Essex Conservation Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving ecologically important land and wildlife habitat in Manchester and Essex, Massachusetts, and promoting its use for quiet recreation, education and research.

MECT enhances the quality of life on Cape Ann by ensuring that lands that are vital to public health remain in their natural condition. These lands protect drinking water supplies, hold back storm waters that would otherwise threaten homes and businesses, provide educational and research opportunities, and offer quiet recreation on miles of foot trails. An informed public is essential to long-term success, and we gladly share knowledge of the special conservation values of the lands that we protect.

MECT’s work is funded by concerned residents and friends of Manchester, Essex and surrounding communities. We occasionally receive grants from foundations for special projects. We receive no government aid; instead we assist local governments in cooperative environmental initiatives.

Membership and events are open to all, as is participation on our committees and our board of trustees. Please let us know of your interest.

Board of Trustees (2017)

  • President: Michael Dyer, Essex
  • Treasurer: Bethe M. Palmer, Essex
  • Vice President/Secretary: Gregory A. Crockett, Manchester
  • Lynn Atkinson, Manchester
  • Alan Budreau, Essex
  • Vickie Cataldo, Essex
  • Frances R. Caudill, Manchester
  • Jeffrey Cochand, Manchester
  • Albert M. Creighton, Jr., Manchester
  • George E. Davis, Manchester
  • David Kahle, Manchester
  • Michael McDonagh, Danvers
  • Garlan Morse, Jr., Manchester
  • Julie Scofield, Essex
  • George P. Smith, Manchester
  • William A. Vachon, Manchester
  • Kurt Wilhelm, Essex


  • Michelle Vaillancourt, Executive Director
  • Helen Bethell, Land Acquisition and Protection
  • Alida Bryant, Development and Finance
  • Amy Blondin, GIS, Mapping & Land Research