DENIED! The Manchester ZBA voted unanimously to DENY the permit for the proposed 40B. We applaud your decision, your strength and your conviction. The decision has been appealed at the state level, and we will continue our expert efforts in coordination with the town.

This is one small step for a town. Let’s make it one giant leap for the community and the environment, together! [read more…]


Visit 60 Places for 60 Years! To celebrate our MECT history and impact, we have compiled a list of 60 Places for 60 Years – a collection of favorite places that tell the story of our towns from colonial beginnings, highlighting areas that MECT conserves through ownership, conservation restrictions, or in partnership with other organizations. And some of the spaces are not yet conserved – though they are very valuable to our communities.


SAVE OUR WOODS Capital Campaign

MECT has launched a $5 Million dollar capital campaign to Save Our Woods. As part of this campaign, we have just completed two 20-acre purchases – one in Essex, and one in Manchester. Thank you for making this possible. We have a long way to go and need your support.


MECT’s stewardship efforts seek to balance the protection of natural resources inherent in the land that we hold while allowing for appropriate public access, use and enjoyment of these very special places.


Find events with naturalists, geologists, forest bathing, or learn hiking and orienteering skills. Join in the fun and experience something new. We look forward to seeing you on the trails and at our in-person events whenever possible.


You can choose to donate to our general fund or a specific interest like the defense of Shingle Place Hill against the rapacious 40B development. Donations are critical for MECT to fulfill our mission and ensure solid support for our land acquisition and protection goals, as well as our land stewardship and education for the community and our members. Join us today or renew your membership and support.